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Telegram groups are multi-person chats. While they're suitable for groups of friends or small teams, Telegram also supports groups of up to 200,000 members. In a group, you can assign admins with granular permissions, decide whether new members can see old messages when they join, and pin important messages to the top.


Let's take a look at the best Telegram channels you should know about. With so many to sort through, we'll cut through the junk to show you some of the top picks for Telegram channels.

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One of Telegram's biggest advantages over similar chat apps is the ease of joining channels and groups. Telegram channels allow you to meet up with people to talk about any topic you're interested in.


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Telegram has a cloud service that stores messages, photos, videos, and documents. You can access your data from any of your devices anytime without having to rely on third-party backups. Telegram Mute Option Chat Folders

Better Bots Another thing to keep in mind is that selling your data isnโ€™t at the core of Telegramโ€™s business model. According to Telegramโ€™s FAQ page, the company is funded by its founder and CEO Pavel Durov, not through advertising or data collection and sharing. However, Message history is the most revealing part of your phone when it comes to private information. I hope you may have some experience with it? Telegram may be among the most popular messaging services in the world, yet there are still many who donโ€™t know what itโ€™s all about. The app is often name-dropped in discussions regarding online privacy and security, but arenโ€™t all messaging apps secure? Donโ€™t more popular apps like WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger (despite their ties to Facebook) also have the fabled โ€œend-to-endโ€ encryption? What makes Telegram so special?

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Sharing your location lets others keep an eye on your progress to a destination or help look out for your safety. In Telegram, open a chat, tap the paper clip button, and choose Location to share it. Free Unlimited Online Storage

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Essentially, Telegram groups allow some number of people to talk together, while Telegram channels allow a small number of people to broadcast messages to many subscribers. We'll focus on a list of the best Telegram channels here; the best groups are harder to define for a broad audience.